The Hilariously Honest Guide to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions 🎉😂

December 29, 2023

Ah, New Year’s resolutions — those ambitious promises we make to ourselves when the calendar hits January 1st. We begin the year full of hope and determination, only to discover that by February, our resolutions have often disappeared faster than the New Year’s Eve party leftovers.

But fear not! Here’s a fun and friendly guide to help you keep to those resolutions, no matter how ambitious they are.

Set Realistically Hilarious Goals 🎯😅

Let’s be real: aiming to climb Mount Everest when your current exercise routine involves walking to the fridge and back might be a stretch. One way to keep a resolution is to set goals that make you chuckle a bit because they’re so easily achievable. Like, resolving to wear matching socks more often — small, funny, yet oddly satisfying!

Make It a Game 🃏🤪

Think of your resolutions as challenges you turn into a game. Collect points for each day that you have kept a resolution. Establish specific goals and keep track of your progress, let’s say for a week. If you’ve kept yourself on the straight and narrow, reward yourself for reaching that milestone!

This will encourage you to continue onward and before you know it, all of your resolutions will become part of your daily living.

Set Realistically Hilarious Goals😃🥅

Resolutions don’t have to be so heavy! Laughter is healing. Do you have a lot of responsibilities? Maybe your job is very stressful, or you have an exceedingly busy household. If so, you need some fun in your life! Come up with some hilarious resolutions that will allow you to laugh more.

Here are a few comical resolutions you can incorporate: Resolve to eat dessert first at every meal for a week. If you have young children, resolve to make a funny face for them every day. If you have grandchildren, resolve to beat them at their favorite video game. If you have a cat or a dog, resolve to meow or bark your favorite song to them and watch their reaction. That one is a bonus suggestion!

The Buddy System; Make It Comedic 👯‍♂️🤣

Find a friend who shares your sense of humor and who also has trouble keeping their resolutions.

Maybe you want to exercise more. Choose a workout buddy who won’t judge you for laughing during yoga poses that make you look like a pretzel or keep your balance.

Accountability can be fun when it’s shared with someone who makes you smile and who is just as stiff as you.

Turn Mistakes into Bloopers 🎬🙈

So, you had a slip-up with a resolution? Instead of beating yourself up, treat it like a blooper reel moment. Laugh it off and keep going.

Remember, even in movies, bloopers are often the most memorable parts! Everyone loves a blooper reel!

Reward Yourself with Laughter (and Maybe Even Some Cake) 🍰😄

Come up with some small, funny rewards for yourself.

For instance, after a week of healthy eating, treat yourself to something you enjoy doing like going to a comedy show or indulging in, yes, even a slice of cake.

It’s all about balance and finding joy in all of your little victories.

Keep a Humorous Diary 📔😜

Document your journey with a sense of humor. Find a notebook with a cover that will make you smile or create a cute cover of your own on a notebook. Jot down not only your successes but also the hilariously epic failures you’ve had.

When you look back at those entries, they will remind you of your progress and bring a smile to your face.

Embrace the Art of Imperfect Timing ⏰🤷‍♂️

You’re feeling bad because you missed a day, aren’t you? Did you start your new diet with a big burger? It’s okay! Don’t feel bad!

The best time to start wasn’t always yesterday; sometimes it’s right now, even if it’s in the middle of the week. Time is a construct, but your laughter and sense of self are real.

Public Declaration with a Twist of Humor 📢😉

Announce your resolutions to friends and family but in a funny way.

Like: “I hereby declare to learn cooking so that my pasta no longer tastes like cardboard and regret.”

It’s a fun way to commit to your resolutions and also keep everyone entertained.

Get Tech-Savvy with a Smile📱😎

Use apps to easily track your progress, but don’t forget to set them up with humorous reminders.

Try: “Hey there, it’s time to drink water, so you don’t turn into a raisin!” These types of reminders can be more motivating than you think.

Reframe Your Mindset with Jokes 🧠🤪

Instead of thinking of your resolutions as one chore after another, or something else to check off your ‘To Do’ list, view them as material for your stand-up routine. (I bet you didn’t think you had a career in comedy, did you?”

Here’s a free joke for you: “Today, I ran for 5 minutes and only thought about pizza four times!”

Embracing the fun can and will change your perspective.

The Monthly ‘Oops, I Did It Again’ Review 📅😆

At the end of each month, do a fun review of how many times you ‘oops-ed’ but don’t forget to also review how many times you triumphed. It’s like your own monthly comedy show where you’re the star.

Remember, New Year’s resolutions are not just about making big changes; they’re about enjoying the journey of self-improvement via small steps with a smile. In this way, you will also put a smile on the faces of those around you like your family and friends and even your pets! Whether you’re trying to eat healthier, exercise more, or just wear matching socks, keep it light, keep it funny, and most importantly, keep it going.

Here’s to a year filled with laughter, progress, and maybe a few mismatched socks! 🥳🧦😄



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